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I Know a Genuine Panaphonics When I See It

I guess the government isn’t spending top dollar on Unit-M, as Shield’s stuck using a “Zen” with knock-off Gmail.

Or maybe a “Zen” is a primo phone in this universe? It’s actually the only smart phone model I had on hand, which is why I used it.

Mirror, Mirror

This is the first time I ever tried capturing a scene with a mirror. What I didn’t realize, is just like in real life, the mirror will reflect the light sources in the scene.

At this point, I was still lighting scenes with a three-point set up, with added soft boxes (usually overhead) to minimize darkness (dark areas kill render speeds). Normally, the light sources are invisible in DAZ (they just project light), but here they were actually showing up in the mirror as bright balls.

So, for the mirror shot, just like in real life, I had to set up my lighting so that the lights weren’t visible in the reflection.


The set up for this story, that Shield’s boss wants everyone on the team to open social media accounts just in case they ever go public, is pretty sweaty. Danielle doesn’t seem like the person who would ever open an Instagram account (or PolarCard in the Unit-M universe), so there needed to be something to drag her on to social media.

9th Dec 2020, 9:04 PM


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BlueDragon BlueDragon

Yeah, that'd be my reaction, too.

Also, the phone on the floor in the previous page is so dead on! LOL, not like I go to the gym (anymore, never regularly,) but when I did I never knew where to put the damn thing! So I'd just place it where it could 1)get stepped on 2) have a weight dropped on it 3) get stepped on by someone lifting weights.

Need a holster for the thing!

16th Mar 2019, 11:16 PM

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