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The Real Crime

RedPill’s shirt.

God that shirt is a fucking ugly piece of 3D.

Now RedPill would wear an ugly shirt. He’s a loser who spends his days harassing women online. The problem is that this shirt is ugly 3D. There’s no texture to it. It looks awful.

Man’s Man

I like how RedPill here has spent a fair amount of time harassing Shield, but hasn’t bothered to learn anything about her—he doesn’t even know what her powers are.

Not sure this coward would even have guts to launch into his pickup lines, but it helps move the story along and gives Danielle the opportunity to shut that bullshit down.

99 Speech Balloons

This comic suffers in places from too much text in a single panel. There are some really bad examples coming up, but that last panel is super awkward. Might have worked better as two panels, or maybe just less text.

10th Dec 2020, 12:22 AM


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Issue: Unit-M - Issue 0.2
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