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Issue: Unit-M - Issue 0.3
Post Date: 4th Apr 2019, 8:00 AM


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...(RockB) ...(RockB)



Now I suspect unethical experiments on humans/monsters on the ranch instead of agriculture stuff.

5th Apr 2019, 5:05 AM


UnitMComics UnitMComics

I’m sure the mysterious science-y reasearch facility in the middle of nowhere that’s recruiting vulnerable Monsters is in no way up to anything suspicious.

5th Apr 2019, 9:53 AM


...(RockB) ...(RockB)

Up to this page I was undecided, I knew nothing about the ranch and the twins, could have been some hate thing from their side. The sheriff not being exactly a monster-friend was a possible hint but his attitude could have been a personal hate thing from his side.

If you want to do research on agricultures, being in the middle of nowhere (that is merely a desert) is better than being in the middle of a city or near a city.

But this one of the twins has an extremely strong aversion towards going back to the ranch and, given the situation, has little reason to lie about it. Something very unpleasant must have happened to them and is probably still going on. (I'm generally not good with judging people and/or situations quickly, but the scientific method works here, too. :))

5th Apr 2019, 3:03 PM


UnitMComics UnitMComics

The Copycat sister speaking to Hawk also talks about brainwashing at The Ranch like it’s a common occurrence...Of course we don’t know what her agenda is other than she seems to really hate The Ranch.

5th Apr 2019, 10:13 PM


Quieteyes Quieteyes

Then of course, there's the amputated arm...

6th Apr 2019, 11:02 AM


UnitMComics UnitMComics

Typical, run-of-the-mill thresher accident. Nothing to see here. :)

6th Apr 2019, 5:18 PM

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